Highly Scented Handmade Bath Bombs

Highly Scented Handmade Bath Bombs

All our bath bombs are handmade using the finest ingredients and shrink-wrapped to help to extend their life

Drop the beautiful bath bombs into warm water, it will fizz vigorously releasing it's perfume and essencial oils. Barcabonate of soda soften the water and almond oil and honey moisturiser helps to nourish your skin.

5 x 10g per pack ideal gift for someone special

24 different scents

After Eight - Peppermint
Berry Blast - Wild Berry
Bizzy Bee - Honey
Blue Lagoon - Bananna
Charlie Bear - Baby Powder
Citrus Twist - Lime, basil & Mandarin
Dessert Delights - Chocolate
Fizzy Buzzy Burst - Lemon, Lime & Calandula
Floral Fizz - Honeysuckle
Fruit Salad - Seaweed & Juniper
Great Fruit - Grapefruit
Green Apple - Apple
Jaffalicious - Chocolate Orange
Koala Kick - Eucalyptus
Parma Delight - Parma Violet
Petal Passion - English Rose
Raspberry Ripple - Raspberry
Ruby Red - Cherry
Strawberries & Cream
Summer Breeze - Lavender
Sweet Treat - Rhubarb & Custard
Tropical Dream - Coconut
True Blue - Dewberry
Very Berry - Strawberry



sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sweet Almond oil, Honey Moisturiser, Parfum, Colour and petals


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